Elizabeth Aloi

Liz graduated cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Felix AuYeung

Felix worked in China on ecological design and rural development, and has also worked in Germany with automotive engineering firms.  He earned a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—where he co-founded the student group Social Justice Cooperative—and a Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering and Peace and … Read more

Kate Bolz

Kate earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Matthew Newell-Ching

Matt graduated from Duke University in May of 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Brooke Evans

Brooke graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Studies and she has experience with poverty/community development issues on the local, state and federal levels.

Sarah Farmer

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Bowdoin College.  She has also studied the social and economic development efforts in Kenya and she has interned with CARE-Kenya’s Health and Nutrition Project as well as CARE-International’s Government Relations and Public Policy office in Washington, D.C.

Catherine Giles

Catherine received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Analysis from Pomona College, where she researched Alzheimer’s disease, aging issues and adolescent obesity.

Alma L. Gonzalez

Almaholds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles.  She interned at United Way, A Place Called Home (a youth center for non-violence), and Alexandria House (a shelter for battered women).

Mayuri Guntupalli

Mayuri spent a year working with the Tufts University College of Citizenship and Public Service developing new student programs after graduating from Tufts with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations.  Mayuri’s academic concentration was in International Trade and Development and she was active in several social justice initiatives.

Alison Leff

After a year with AmeriCorps in Chicago, Alison received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Brown University.

Mary Elizabeth Evans

A math major from Birmingham-Southern College, Mary Elizabeth spent much of her time in college coordinating service opportunities at a variety of community and direct service organizations in Birmingham.  She also founded the first student chapter of Alabama Arise, a statewide advocacy coalition that promotes state policies to improve the … Read more