Gonzalez headshot

Emerson Fellow

Alma L. Gonzalez

8th Class, 2001-2002

Almaholds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles.  She interned at United Way, A Place Called Home (a youth center for non-violence), and Alexandria House (a shelter for battered women).

Field placement: Homeless Garden Project

Santa Cruz, California

Alma worked to improve and expand the volunteer program and cultural competency of the Garden Project. She also helped organize the first Annual Harvest Festival, a small fundraiser and educational event that served as outreach for people in the community and allowed service providers to network.

Policy placement: National Coalition for the Homeless

Washington, D.C.

Alma developed a Civil Rights newsletter, assisted with the development of a report on Police Best Practice programs addressing homeless issues, and documented hate crimes and the criminalization of homeless individuals.