Lots of Leaders Everywhere: Tanner Roark

Tanner RoarkLeland, Policy

The last we heard from Tanner Roark he was working with Project Concern International on an evaluation of the Njira Project, a resilience-building initiative in southern Malawi. Now he’s based at their Washington, D.C. offices, continuing work on resilience and agriculture, … Read more

Policy Site Spotlight: Faye Duan

Faye DuanLeland, Policy

When the current class of Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows returned to Washington, D.C. for their mid-fellowship training this past September, all but one of them were preparing to work on policy issues during the second half of their two-year … Read more

Field Site Spotlight: Sarah King

Sarah KingField, Leland

South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, has been ravaged by ongoing civil conflict, drought, and crop failures since its independence from Sudan in 2011. An influx of humanitarian assistance was rushed to the country following a declaration of famine in … Read more