Policy Site Spotlight: Faye Duan

Faye DuanLeland, Policy

When the current class of Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows returned to Washington, D.C. for their mid-fellowship training this past September, all but one of them were preparing to work on policy issues during the second half of their two-year … Read more

Field Site Spotlight: Sarah King

Sarah KingField, Leland

South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, has been ravaged by ongoing civil conflict, drought, and crop failures since its independence from Sudan in 2011. An influx of humanitarian assistance was rushed to the country following a declaration of famine in … Read more

Field Site Spotlight: Tina Pruna

Tina PrunaField, Leland

Two-thirds of the population of Guatemala, or nearly 11 million people, live on less than $2.00 US per day, and the nation experiences the highest rate of childhood stunting in Latin America. Facing such a marked lack of economic opportunity, … Read more

Field Site Spotlight: Tanner Roark

Tanner RoarkField, Leland

Malawi is a landlocked nation in southeastern Africa and home to an estimated 17 million people. Environmental disasters, including floods, droughts, and the recent infestation of Fall Armyworm, are ruinous to smallholder farmers, who make up four-fifths of the country’s … Read more

Field Site Spotlight: Aubrey Bauck

Aubrey BauckField, Leland

Vietnam, now considered a modern day success story, has experienced incredible economic growth over the last 30 years, lifting millions of people out of poverty and food insecurity. However, this level of prosperity has not always included all members of … Read more