Policy Placements Announced for 27th Class Emerson National Hunger Fellows

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The Hunger Center is pleased to announce the policy placements for the 27th Class Emerson National Hunger Fellows. From March 10th to July 29th, each fellow will work with one of sixteen host organizations, ranging from U.S. federal agencies to … Read more

Policy Placements Announced for 26th Class of Emerson Fellows

Emerson, Policy, Updates

Every spring, the Emerson National Hunger Fellows return from the field with new insights and knowledge that they will use in the next portion of their fellowship: the policy placement. Fellows will be placed with different organizations around Washington, D.C. … Read more

Lots of Leaders Everywhere: Tanner Roark

Tanner RoarkLeland, Policy

The last we heard from Tanner Roark he was working with Project Concern International on an evaluation of the Njira Project, a resilience-building initiative in southern Malawi. Now he’s based at their Washington, D.C. offices, continuing work on resilience and agriculture, … Read more

Policy Site Spotlight: Faye Duan

Faye DuanLeland, Policy

When the current class of Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows returned to Washington, D.C. for their mid-fellowship training this past September, all but one of them were preparing to work on policy issues during the second half of their two-year … Read more

Policy Update: Carlo Abuyuan

Carlo AbuyuanLeland, Policy

For the next installment in our series on the Leland International Hunger Fellows and their policy placements, we turn to Carlo Abuyuan, placed with FHI360 in Zambia and Washington, D.C. Policy Placement For my policy year I am based in … Read more