William Rosales

Prior to joining the Hunger Fellows Program, William worked at the New York State Division of Budget as a corporate tax analyst.  He has been active in various communities volunteering as a court advocate for victims of domestic violence and serving as president of a non-profit organization that helped non-English … Read more

Laura Russ

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Vassar College.

Kate Sablosky

Kate earned a Bachelor of Arts with high distinction and honors from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a concentration in American Culture.

Danielle Witherspoon

In May 2001 Danielle graduated summa cum laude from Oberlin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.  She was a Bonner Scholar working with the Lorain County Children and Families Council on programs targeted at low-income families with children ages 0 to 3.

Jennifer Woodworth

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College in Massachusetts where she studied Cultural Anthropology with a concentrated interest in societal meanings in food customs.

Shireen Zaman

Shireen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from Boston College.