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Field Reports

Engaging Participants as Partners in Colorado: Insights from the Field

Alexandrea Wilson, Emerson Fellow
Published 2021-2022

Denver, Colorado

Lived experience is a source of knowledge that organizations can utilize to inform decisions and programs. Valuing lived experience as a valid source of knowledge also puts participants at the center and ensures that they are active stakeholders in the anti hunger and poverty movement. Warren Village – a nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado that supports single parent families transition into stable housing and employment sought out an evaluation that answered how Warren Village could best include participant voices in decision making. This report will share the recommendations made as a result of the evaluation as insights that could inform similar endeavors made by organizations. The report will also seek to highlight best practices employed by anti-poverty organizations in Colorado for engaging participants as partners.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Advocacy and Education, Income, Expenses, and Hunger

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Alexandrea Wilson

Emerson Fellow