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Field Reports

Intersections of Equitable Farming and Anti-Hunger Efforts in Kentucky

Amira Iwuala, Emerson Fellow

Morgan McKinney, Emerson Fellow
Published 2021-2022


The Community Farm Alliance works to engage diverse populations in rural and urban communities of Kentucky through leadership and grassroots democracy. In order to bridge the urban-rural divide and support disempowered populations, they have launched a commitment to build equity through direct engagement and grassroots allyship. This report will summarize a snapshot of the problems Black farmers and the low-income Black community face in Kentucky as it relates to hunger and farming. It will then highlight the work being done by different organizers to address these issues. Informed by the histories and lived experiences of the Black community in Kentucky and recommendations of Black farmers and community organizers in the region, this report offers guidance and tactics to uplift and implement community driven solutions to inequitable farming and hunger both within Kentucky and beyond.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Advocacy and Education, Advocacy and Education Tools/Toolkits, Food Systems and Agriculture, Racial Equity

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Amira Iwuala

Emerson Fellow

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