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Field Reports

Exploring an Online School Meal Application for Oklahoma

Tazkia Shah, Emerson Fellow
Published 2021-2022

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hunger Free Oklahoma works to leverage the power of collaboration to solve hunger in Oklahoma by improving systems, policies, and practices, and recognizes the vital role of school meal programs in fighting childhood food insecurity in Oklahoma. With over 500 school districts in Oklahoma processing free and reduced-price meal applications for hundreds of thousands of students annually, Oklahoma is in the position to consider larger-scale solutions on a state level to better manage the free and reduced-price meal application process for the benefit of districts and households alike. In this report, we will be assessing feasibility and making recommendations for a statewide process for online free and reduced-price meal applications in Oklahoma. Factors to be considered in assessing options for Oklahoma include costs, benefits, state-specific needs, software available on the market, and potential barriers online applications might bring to households.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Domestic Federal Nutrition Programs, National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP)

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Tazkia Shah

Emerson Fellow