Become an Anti-Hunger Advocate

Become an Anti-Hunger Advocate offers a briefing on hunger in Washington and an advocacy training guide that a)presents readers with key facts on issues, programs and policies needed to understand hunger in Washington, and b) teaches key skills and strategies … Read more

Justin Weinstein-Tull

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  FOOD for Lane County (Eugene, OR) Justin created models for community needs assessments, in order to identify where the need was greatest in Lane County, Oregon.  He also identified models for needs assessments within FFLC. … Read more

Ebony Walden

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  Children’s Alliance (Seattle,WA) Ebony coordinated outreach to increase community participation in federal food programs and supported the creation of regional coalitions of emergency food providers, nutrition program representatives, and outreach workers.  She also conducted research … Read more

LaFleur Stephens

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  The Campus Kitchen’s Project at St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO) LaFleur developed a Special Needs Meal Initiative that allowed the Campus Kitchen to serve meals to people with dietary restrictions, including those who suffer … Read more

Eric Steiner

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI) Eric researched the utilization of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and developed recommendations for its implementation in Milwaukee County. He worked closely with the three largest sponsors … Read more

Jennifer Rottmann

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement: Idaho Community Action Network (Boise, ID) Jennifer conducted homevisits with low-income ICAN members around the state to collect their stories about hunger.  She also assisted with administration of ICAN’s statewide Food Program, particularly by helping … Read more

Hun Quach

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mountain Plains Office (Denver, CO) To promote growth and outreach for the School Breakfast Program (SBP), Hun evaluated and selected North Dakota as a target state to promote school breakfast start-up … Read more

Saleem Hue Penny

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee, Inc. (Milwaukee,WI) Saleem researched and coordinated the development of a new youth program addressing community food security in Milwaukee’s near north side neighborhood. The Fondy Market Youth Program is designed … Read more

Maryn Olson

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement: Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger (Burlington, VT) Maryn worked with the Food Stamp Outreach Project and her projects included the development of a guide to becoming an authorized food stamp retailer for grocery store owners … Read more

Molly Neck

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement: Idaho Community Action Network (Boise, ID) Molly developed and implemented a training program for members of the ICAN Local Food Program steering committees.  She also created a database containing statistical information on hunger indicators and … Read more

Bridget Murphy

9th Class, 2002-2003 Field Placement:  Community Food Security Center, Community Food Bank (Tucson, AZ) Through interviews, surveys and focus groups, Bridget laid the groundwork for the future Greater Tucson Food Policy Council.  Her research identified opportunities for strengthening the local … Read more