Kim headshot

Emerson Fellow

Peter Kim

9th Class, 2002-2003

Peter is a 2002 graduate of Brown University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science, served on the student government, taught environmental science at an underserved public high school, co-organized The Democracy Teach-Ins, directed a campus security program, and lobbied the Brown board of trustees.  Peter was also elected "Mr. Brown University" 2001-2002.

Field placement: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Denver, Colorado

Working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Mountain Plains Office, Peter planned and formulated a food stamp outreach plan for Montana, the first outreach plan in the region.  The plan is increasing participation in the program by at least 750 individuals, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual issuance.  He also assisted Utah and Kansas with the development of their outreach plans.

Policy placement: RESULTS

Washington, D.C.

At RESULTS, Peter led efforts to bring RESULTS into the asset policy field.  He researched and generated media attention for asset initiatives, such as Individual Development Accounts.  He also served as a regional coordinator for RESULTS volunteers.

Hunger Free Community Report

Making America Stronger: 2003 Food Stamp Outreach Planning Guide is a guide for outreach coordinators at the federal, state and community levels to assist with outreach efforts and increase access to the Food Stamp Program.  The USDA plans to distribute this guide to its regional and state offices as well as community emergency food providers all over the country.