A Community Guide to Planning Non-Congregate Summer Meals

A resource/guide for current and prospective providers that want to operate rural non-congregate summer meals. In collaboration with Hunger Free Oklahoma, the guide is comprised of community input and resources from USDA and other food advocacy organizations from FRAC to … Read more

Maria Islam

A naturalized Texan, Maria Islam is a doctoral candidate in Public Policy and Political Economy at The University of Texas at Dallas. Her passion and research interests are in food systems policy, particularly anti-hunger and sustainability policies. Maria hopes to help reimagine current systems and make nutritious and delicious food … Read more

Tatiana Villegas

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Tatiana Villegas recently graduated from Whitman College with a BA in environmental sociology. Tatiana believes that healthy communities can only flourish when they acknowledge multiple perspectives. Incorporating this belief into her life, she has done research and work that discusses the connection between people … Read more

Kathryn Tzivanis

Driven by a profound dedication to addressing global injustices, Katie Tzivanis pursued a B.A. in Urban Studies at the New School. Katie’s fervent interests lie at the confluence of public education reform and food security, with a particular emphasis on the detrimental effects of hunger on educational experiences and graduation … Read more

Denise Ramos-Vega

Denise Ramos-Vega was born and raised in small, predominately Latinx community in Fullerton, California, and is daughter of working-class Mexican immigrants. Denise graduated from UCLA in June 2023 with degrees in Geography and Chicano/a/x Studies with a minor in Education. As someone who has been impacted by systemic inequity throughout … Read more

Kenneth Palmer

A native Kansan from Lawrence, Kenneth currently lives in Denver, Colorado, continuing his work on food justice at We Don’t Waste, a food recovery organization that helps redirect food that would otherwise go uneaten to social service agencies. Kenneth graduated from Harvard University in History and Literature, during which time … Read more

Chas Nystrom

Having grown up in Richmond, Kentucky, Chas is a recent graduate from Centre College with a B.A. in Sociology and English. The highly prevalent Issues of poverty and food insecurity, which Chas witnessed in his own community in rural Kentucky, led him to focus on examining the structural roots of … Read more