Pride headshot

Leland Fellow

Bryan Pride

10th Class, 2019-2021

Bryan graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2015 with an MPP in Sustainable Development focusing on food security and agriculture. While pursuing his graduate degree, Bryan received recognition for his research that examined the correlative relationship between cash crop production and rising levels of food insecurity within developing countries. After completion of his Master’s, he served with the U.S Peace Corps as an Agriculture Extension Officer in Ghana. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Bryan designed and implemented a nutrition and agriculture program that reached more than 2,000 women. The project was designed to assist women with developing knowledge and skills to improve household nutrition through education and small home gardens. After two years of serving in a small community of northern Ghana, Bryan began working on a USAID funded pilot project called Resiliency In Northern Ghana (RING) as an Agriculture Technical Advisor. As a technical advisor, Bryan collaborated with local government officials to design and implement projects ranging from animal husbandry to improving crop yields of orange flesh sweet potatoes. His most notable project was a poultry rearing project that taught women how to rear poultry for egg production. The project assisted beneficiaries to learn animal husbandry techniques that directly resulted in increased food supplies and increased income of individual households.

First year placement: Rise Against Hunger

Raleigh, N.C.

At Rise Against Hunger, Bryan offered technical advising on the Empowering Communities resilience portfolios. Through his advising, Bryan provided programmatic support to host country NGOs that were implementing projects in Zimbabwe, Senegal, Malawi and Mali. Bryan worked with Host Country National staff to build capacity in project design and implementation. In addition to program design, Bryan designed and lead the implementation of a pilot project in South Sudan called Empowering Leaders Nutrition-Smart Agriculture, (ELNA) takes an innovative approach to project design and implementation that focuses on bridging the gap between Emergency response projects and sustainable resilience projects.

Second year placement: InterAction

Washington, D.C.

For Bryan’s second year, he has been placed with InterAction as a Policy Fellow. At InterAction, Bryan assists with organizing INGOs to participate in collective advocacy groups that focus on Food Security, Nutrition and Climate policy. Additionally, Bryan engages with Congress, the Executive Branch, and INGO leadership to elevate the voices of INGO implementors and advocates. A primary focus of Bryan’s work to elevate the voices of local leaders in order to encourage co-collaboration and local ownership of INGO programing and implementation.