Rachelle C. Olden

6th Class, 2011-2013 Field Placement: World Vision International, San Salvador, El Salvador With the Latin American & Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO) of World Vision International, Rachelle worked primarily on the adaptation and implementation of Citizen Voice Action (CVA), a global … Read more

World Vision International

Guided by more than 70 years of experience and expertise, World Vision’s dedicated staff employ proven, effective development and relief … Read more

Sherry Stanley

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: SHARE Foundation, San Salvador, El Salvador Sherry worked with SHARE Foundation’s local partner organizations tracking the impact of government and multilateral monetary policies on small-holder farmers. Policy Placement: National Small Farmers Coalition, Washington, DC Sherry … Read more

Amy Damon

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: Fundaciòn Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), El Salvador At FUNDE, Amy Damon studied the economic, political, social and institutional structures of El Salvador’s El Oriente region. She then used her research to make recommendations for … Read more

Ilisa Gertner

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), El Salvador Ilisa partnered with a local think tank to ease the situation of farmers impacted by the Central American coffee crisis. In an impact study sponsored by the … Read more

Michelle Petrotta

4th Class, 2007-2009 Field Placement: SHARE Foundation, San Salvador, El Salvador Michelle was placed with the advocacy program of the SHARE Foundation in El Salvador where she focused on current human rights, economic justice, and environmental concerns, especially in relation to … Read more