Grace Jones

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: Counterpart International, Guatemala Grace Jones educated farmers about sustainable agriculture and forest garden methods in six communities of rural Guatemala, where she also helped women’s groups plant a variety of fruits and vegetables and promoted … Read more

Ilisa Gertner

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), El Salvador Ilisa partnered with a local think tank to ease the situation of farmers impacted by the Central American coffee crisis. In an impact study sponsored by the … Read more

Andrew Fuys

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field and Policy Placement: International Land Coalition, Rome, Italy Andrew drafted policy and strategy documents for the secretariat of the International Land Coalition, a global alliance of international agencies, governments and civil society groups that works to empower … Read more

Jason Forauer

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: Save the Children, Ethiopia Jason Forauer worked in a remote southern district of Ethiopia on a project to diversify income and assets of pastoralists and to raise their household incomes. He trained community animal health … Read more

Jodie Fonseca

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: CARE International, Malawi Jodie’s work focused on “mainstreaming” HIV/AIDS in CARE Malawi’s education, health, livelihoods, safety net and emergency sectors to determine how each of these projects could best mitigate the effects of the epidemic … Read more

Charlie Ehle

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: Catholic Relief Services, Sudan Charlie Ehle reviewed and made recommendations for improvements to CRS’ disaster response strategies in Southern Sudan. She participated in the redesign of food security interventions that will improve the program’s ability … Read more

Elizabeth Brown

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: USAID Office of Health, Population and Nutrition, Ethiopia Elizabeth Brown worked closely with the Food and Humanitarian Office on Title II Development Assistance Programs, with particular emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of the health sector. … Read more

Steve Archambault

2nd Class, 2003-2005 Field Placement: World Food Program, Uganda Steve Archambault worked on the promotion and assessment of WFP’s Marketing Support activities, mobilizing small farmers in Uganda to secure better access to food markets. He was also involved in the … Read more