Fonseca headshot

Leland Fellow

Jodie Fonseca

2nd Class, 2003-2005

Field Placement: CARE International, Malawi

Jodie’s work focused on “mainstreaming” HIV/AIDS in CARE Malawi’s education, health, livelihoods, safety net and emergency sectors to determine how each of these projects could best mitigate the effects of the epidemic on the lives of rural Malawians. She also examined HIV/AIDS issues within CARE as a workplace, developing and implementing human resource policies to help staff access information, treatment and support.

Policy Placement: CARE, Washington, DC

As a member of CARE’s policy and advocacy team, Jodie helped to craft and implement an HIV/AIDS advocacy agenda for the agency.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Jodie earned her MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Her previous experience included work as an HIV/AIDS educator and school curriculum developer in Malawi through the Peace Corps and Crisis Corps. She also worked for Population Services International in Kampala, Uganda, where she co-authored a proposal for a malaria-reduction program and consulted with local drama groups to hone their HIV/AIDS prevention messages. She speaks Spanish and some Chichewa and French.