Archambault headshot

Leland Fellow

Steve Archambault

2nd Class, 2003-2005

Field Placement: World Food Program, Uganda

Steve Archambault worked on the promotion and assessment of WFP’s Marketing Support activities, mobilizing small farmers in Uganda to secure better access to food markets. He was also involved in the Food for Assets program, which used food aid as an incentive for people to undertake sustainable development projects in their communities, such as road improvement, reforestation, the building of fish ponds, and improving food storage capacity.

Policy Placement: World Food Program Headquarters, Rome, Italy

Steve worked on a new internal initiative called results based management, which required the WFP to monitor the impact that its food donations had on improving childhood nutrition and other strategic objectives.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Steve holds an MS in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics in Lund, Sweden. Steve served as a volunteer for two years in Micronesia through the Jesuit Volunteer International Program, teaching high school science, and working on sustainable development projects involving marine aquaculture. He speaks basic Pohnpeian and some Spanish.