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Partnerships with committed host organizations are crucial to the success of the Leland program. Leland Fellows are placed, through a competitive process, with organizations that provide substantive work and active supervision while the fellows work on long-term food and nutrition security or humanitarian nutrition. Leland Fellows are motivated, proactive young professionals who are dedicated to actively building food and nutrition security through programs and policy and who can add great value to their host organizations.

Adding Capacity

The Leland fellowship consists of a field placement and a policy placement, each 11 months long. We require that each two-year fellowship gives the fellow experience in community-based work and policy formulation at the organizational, local, national, or international level. We aim for each placement to be mutually beneficial, in which fellows gain experience and expertise while the host organization benefits from the fellow's skills and hard work.

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[Leland Fellows] have been able to help us answer research and implementation questions and fill important gaps in knowledge about our programs. […] Many have undertaken and published peer reviewed articles and presented at international conferences, thereby raising the HKI profile and contributing to the international body of work on the topics. We have found the Leland Fellows we have hosted to be extremely bright, quick, and motivated. They are a great example of the best of America for our international staff, host country partners and government officials Ame Stormer, Helen Keller International

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Education, Experience, and Value

Leland Fellows are chosen through a highly selective application process, based on relevant education, international experience, skills and expertise, leadership potential, and desire to learn. Leland Fellows are trained to approach their work with a growth mindset and flexibility and are eager to contribute to the success of food security and nutrition interventions.

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Leland Fellows bring valuable energy and commitment to their roles in hunger-fighting organizations, sharing what they’re learning and excitement from field placements with headquarters and other D.C. staff. Amy Ostrander, Fellow Supervisor for Project Concern International and 6th Class Leland Fellow (2011-2013) alum

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We are accepting applications to host Leland Fellows for 2021-2023.


Begin your application by reading our Application Guide, which includes more information about the fellowship, selection criteria, application timeline, and much more.

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All field site applicants must complete an online application form and submit a project proposal through the link below. Note: the application form will not save your answers if refreshed. You may want to complete your application in another document and populate the form when you are ready to submit.

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Have questions about applications? Contact Program and Operations Associate Layla Amarir at [email protected].