Giampoli headshot

Leland Fellow

Peter Giampoli

3rd Class, 2005-2007

Field Placement: Uganda Land Alliance, Kampala, Uganda

As a staff member with the Uganda Land Alliance, Peter Giampoli did research, policy analysis, advocacy, and program administration work during his year at the ULA Secretariat. He assisted in the development of ULA’s current five-year strategic plan, administered the implementation of a two-year collaborative research project funded by the Belgian Survival Fund, and participated in consultations on the draft National Land Policy.

Policy Placement: International Land Coalition (ILC), Rome, Italy

During his year focusing on land tenure policy, Peter worked at the ILC Secretariat. He coordinated the formulation of a strategy to support members and partners in their efforts to strengthen forest tenure, participated in the development of a new strategic framework for ILC, assisted in the oversight and coordination of activities in Africa, and helped develop program monitoring and evaluation methods.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Peter received a BS in Wildlife from Humboldt State University, and an MS in Forest Resources from Oregon State University. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda from 1994-1996 and has worked extensively in community service and natural resources positions in the U.S., including supervision of AmeriCorps education and service programs in Northern California communities. Peter speaks some Lhukonzo, Luganda, Russian and Italian.