Andrews headshot

Emerson Fellow

P.J. Andrews

11th Class, 2004-2005

Field Placement:  DC Hunger Solutions (Washington, DC)

P.J. conducted a food stamp outreach initiative to improve access to the Food Stamp Program in the District of Columbia.  He created a website that documents how to apply for food stamps in the District and provides the food stamp outreach materials he created.  Through his partnerships with both food stamp administrators and advocates serving low-income immigrant populations, P.J. disseminated these materials throughout the District.

Hunger Free Community Report:

Food Stamp Outreach Toolkit for the District of Columbia provides the information and materials needed for community based organizations to spearhead a food stamp outreach initiative in their office or in-take center.  It includes flyers, posters, a “necessary documents for application” envelope, a food stamp program glossary, anda community guide for organizations to assist in the food stamp application process.

Policy Placement:  New America Foundation (Washington, DC)

Working with the Asset Building Program, P.J. conducted research to assist in the development of the Congressional Savings & Ownership Caucus and the ASPIRE Act; tracking existing federal legislation related to asset building for; and co-authored a report examining alternative methods for determining the federal poverty level that takes into account asset wealth.

Pre-Fellowship Education and Experience:

P.J. is a 2004 graduate of Tufts University where he majored in American Studies, minored in Africa in the New World Studies, and completed an honors thesis examining Cape Verdean American identity.  He also completed the Public Policy and International Affairs fellowship at the University of Michigan.  P.J. co-founded and coordinated the Multiracial Organization of Students at Tufts, and worked at Radio LOG, a community radio station that works to empower teenage girls.