McKinney headshot

Emerson Fellow

Morgan McKinney

28th Class, 2021-2022

[email protected]

Morgan is originally from Ohio and graduated from Duke University with degrees in global health and public policy. During her childhood she split her time between living on a farm in rural Ohio with her father’s side of the family and in a small town just outside of Columbus with her mother. Over the past few years, she has worked as a research assistant with Duke Global Women’s Health Technologies to make cervical cancer screening more accessible for underserved women in Peru and the United States, sparking a more broad passion for social justice work. While food has always played a central role in her life, it was not until the Covid-19 pandemic that she pursued interests in food systems as a space connecting people to their physical and social environments and a fundamental intersection to a plethora of social issues, driving her interest in sustainable food supply chains.

Field placement: Community Farm Alliance

Berea, Kentucky

Morgan is currently completing her field work at the Community Farm Alliance in Berea, Kentucky. Her work includes advocating for programs that offer financial incentives for low-income households to purchase fresh produce from farmer's markets, bridging the gap between Kentuckians facing food insecurity and local farmers. Through community organizing and outreach, she is building a coalition that links the interests of urban and rural communities in solidarity for ending hunger and poverty across the state.

Policy placement: The Brookings Institution

Washington, D.C.