Mielke headshot

Leland Fellow

Megann Mielke

7th Class, 2013-2015

Policy Placement: Winrock International, Arlington, VA

For her Policy Year Megann continued to support SolutionMUS​, Winrock International’s global initiative to scale-up the adoption of Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS). As a technical advisor, she worked on the development of a standard system for planning, monitoring and evaluating MUS programs. This work included the development of a user-friendly mobile-based tool for practitioners to assess, plan and monitor integrated water services in the field. She also supported communications, training and new business development across the portfolio.

Field Placement: Winrock International, Morogoro, Tanzania

Based in Morogoro, Tanzania, Megann Mielke supported Winrock International’s multi-country initiative to scale up Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS), an integrated water service delivery approach that provides sustainable water services for both domestic and productive uses. Uniquely, MUS also incorporates complementary health, livelihoods, and environment programs to further amplify the benefits of improved water access. As part of that initiative, Megann developed training materials to both raise awareness and build implementation capacity. In addition, she worked to refine and develop a variety of participatory tools specific to the MUS approach. Lastly, Megann assisted local partner organizations in the design and implementation of their projects.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

After college, Megann set off for Peru to serve as a water and sanitation volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps. There she provided technical support in water system maintenance, sanitation and hygiene to community health posts and local governments. Over the course of two years, she supported local communities in constructing sanitary facilities and facilitated sanitation initiatives in restaurants and schools. In addition, she supported the local government in managing waste disposal and designing community recycling programs. Upon completion of her Peace Corps service, Megann joined the third cohort of Master of Public Administration in Development Practice students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). While at SIPA, she gained experience evaluating rural hygiene education programs in Haiti and completed academic research on low-cost water quality monitoring systems. Megann is a Virginia native and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington-Seattle.