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Leland Fellow

Maryse Holly

6th Class, 2011-2013

Field Placement: Meds and Food for Kids, Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Maryse Holly worked with MFK in Cap Haitien, Haiti. In her capacity as Program Development Officer, Maryse supported a number of MFK initiatives, including: development of a school snack pilot project; management and expansion of a grant supporting the promotion and consumption of Medika Mamba, a peanut-based therapeutic food for undernourished children; and correlating agricultural activities intended to maximize MFK’s local peanut purchase for further production and distribution of Medika Mamba

Policy Placement: CHIBAS Bionergy, Bon-Repos, Haiti

In her capacity as Policy Officer for CHIBAS Bioenergy, Maryse contributed to the education of both national and local Haitian government policy makers. She conducted and shared results of research on agricultural land zoning issues as well as built the justification for climate change adaptation strategies that government ministries and private businesses can adopt. Maryse’s work also involved conducting assessments of the business environment for sweet sorghum and edible jatropha products and by-products.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Maryse Holly received her Master’s in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University, where she also worked with young farmers through the University Cooperative Extension in Family and Youth Development through 4-H. Prior to that, Maryse launched a summer camp in Haiti, collaborated with herbalists in Jamaica to compile a medicinal plant manual, taught kindergarten at a Montessori School, and studied in South Africa. A graduate of Xavier University in New Orleans, Maryse majored in Sociology with a minor in Environmental Studies.