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Leland Fellow

Faye Duan

9th Class, 2017-2019

Prior to becoming a Leland Fellow, Faye was a Fellow at the Meridian Institute where she supported mediators in helping stakeholders from a diverse range of sectors and interests collaborate on challenging public policy issues that range from food safety and health to forest planning. Her past experiences also include working with smallholder farmers, NGOs, and government agencies on development and conservation in rural southwest China. In 2014, she completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a dual degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies. After graduation, she interned with the National Park Service on research and restoration of the Grand Canyon’s only endangered endemic plant species, the sentry milk vetch, and spent a season collecting field data for silviculture and ecology studies in the Tongass National Forest.

Field placement: Oxfam America

Dakar, Senegal, Africa

As a policy assistant Faye Duan supported strategy and advocacy efforts on agriculture, climate change and livelihoods for Oxfam in Senegal and the West Africa region. She produced research-based educational and advocacy materials as part of Oxfam Senegal's campaign to support the development of the local milk sector, a value chain that could benefit hundreds of thousands of the region's pastoral and agropastoral families. In support of Oxfam's strategies on climate change adaptation and value chains for West Africa, she conducted research and policy analysis on the climate sensitivity of governments' agriculture policies, as well as the impact of natural resource conservation on resilient local livelihoods.

Policy placement: Oxfam America

Dakar, Senegal, Africa

From Washington, D.C., Faye worked at Oxfam America to advance policies that guide U.S. foreign assistance to developing nations for increased food security. She attended educational meetings with Congressional Staff, produced communications materials, supported advocacy events, and engaged in coalition efforts with Oxfam's partners to ensure that aid and development programming effectively support smallholder farmers, especially women and the other vulnerable groups. She focused on making US food aid programs more efficient and effective, the Global Food Security Act, and Farm Bill, both of which were up for re-authorization during her policy year. She also provided research on national and multilateral policies and programming in international agriculture development. In addition to policy advocacy and research, Faye supported various pieces of Oxfam's program development work.

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