Murphy headshot

Emerson Fellow

Dan Murphy

11th Class, 2004-2005

Dan is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in math and economics.  He completed a thesis project combining game theory and Northern Ireland politics based on research he conducted while in Belfast.  Dan also worked in a morgue for the Visible Human Project (a biomedical research project), served as a diversity educator, and participated in service projects through the Center for Social Concerns.

Field placement: Florida Impact

Tallahassee, Florida

Dan helped lead a meeting of the Florida Food Security Team, a coalition of state agencies and private partners working to increase food security in Florida.  He also distributed a public service announcement about the importance of school breakfast, compiled data on Florida’s Summer Food Service Program, and assisted with the Food Stamp Helpline, a resource through which low-income families and adults can begin the food stamp application process.

Policy placement: Prosperity Now

Washington, D.C.

Dan worked with the policy unit to research and promote asset-building and entrepreneurial policies.  He surveyed existing policies and researching innovative new solutions, including an entrepreneur tax credit.  He also assisted with the administration of Saving for Entrepreneurship, Education, and Downpayment (SEED) grants, which create progressive savings opportunities for children.