Emara headshot

Leland Fellow

Dalia Emara

3rd Class, 2005-2007

Field Placement: Combating Child Labor through Education Project, Management Systems International, Rabat, Morocco

As an advocacy and policy advisor for “Adros” – a U.S. Department of Labor-funded education project targeting working and at risk children – Dalia Emara was responsible for developing the project’s advocacy initiative on school accountability for student performance. She conducted a contextual analysis focusing on accountability relationships in the Moroccan education system. Dalia also assessed the project’s partnership strategy with local NGOs and proposed recommendations to streamline the project’s interaction with its local partners.

Policy Placement: Management Systems International (MSI), Washington, DC

Under the general theme of “How can evaluations be more effective in organizations?” Dalia was involved in various monitoring and evaluation projects with MSI. Based on experiences gained throughout the course of the second year with MSI, she also worked on a paper that addressed the topic of evaluation effectiveness.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Dalia completed her graduate studies in sustainable international development and Middle East studies at Brandies University and the American university in Cairo respectively. Her Master’s thesis was on the determinants of children’s schooling in Morocco. Prior to becoming a Leland fellow, she worked in Oxfam America’s Africa program. She also worked in Egypt on a USAID project that aimed to strengthen the institutional capacities of local NGOs through grants, technical assistance and training.