Lai headshot

Leland Fellow

Chung Lai

2nd Class, 2003-2005

Field Placement: Land O’ Lakes, Bangladesh and Indonesia

Chung worked on school feeding programs in Bangladesh and Indonesia, where she monitored the distribution of milk and biscuits to primary school children and helped to improve the management of the distribution system in the school feeding project implementation area. Chung also gathered data on the nutritional status of children who were participating in the program.

Policy Placement: Land O’Lakes, Arlington, VA

Chung analyzed the nutrition data that she gathered from her field work in Bangladesh and Indonesia to develop regional comparisons and advocacy materials for school feeding programs.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Chung received her MA in International Development from American University. While working for an Indian NGO, she evaluated vocational training and education programs and conducted household surveys in rural villages. Chung worked in Bangladesh with the Job Opportunity and Business Support Project, sponsored by the University of Maryland. As a consultant to the project, she designed and facilitated focus groups and prepared concept papers on microenterprise development in Bangladesh. She speaks Cantonese.