Kring headshot

Emerson Fellow

Chandra Kring

11th Class, 2004-2005

Field Placement: Community Food Bank (Tucson, AZ)

Chandra developed and implemented a Mobile Market pilot program in two rural communities of Pima County.  This market expanded distribution of groceries provided by the food bank, and increased access to nutritionally healthy and varied foods.  The market also created a convenient location for community members to redeem their Food Stamp benefits.

Hunger Free Community Report:

Children and Their Food Practices is the result of team research that assessed the food security of Tucson elementary school children. The report illustrates the influence that school meals and family eating practices have on children’s food security, overall health and wellbeing. The report has informed and inspired the creation of a local food policy council to take action through advocacy, education, planning and recommendations.

Policy Placement: National Conference of State Legislatures (Washington, DC)

Chandra worked with NCSL’s Immigrant Policy Project to develop a toolkit to provide state legislators witha comprehensive overview of the federal, state, private and non-profit sector initiatives to reduce hunger and improve nutrition.  She also worked with NCSL’s Human Services Committee, tracking the progress of legislation through Congress.

Pre-Fellowship Education and Experience:

Chandra earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Evergreen State College with a focus in community studies and public policy.  She produced a documentary, “Homeless in Olympia,” that portrayed a group of homeless individuals’ fight against targeted ordinances.  She is also an active member of the Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition and served as a VISTA Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.