The Campus Kitchens Nutrition Initiative Guide

The Campus Kitchens Nutrition Initiative Guide highlights the nutrition projects completed by students at each of the Campus Kitchens and serves as a step-by-step outline to re-create those projects at other Campus Kitchens or through other student organizations.

Bi Vuong

Bi is originally from Hawaii and she graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She has been involved in programs for inner-city children and teenagers from large, low-income families in both the District of Columbia and Scotland. While at Kenyon, she also served as … Read more

Rachel Clay

Rachel is originally from Chicago, Illinois and is a 2003 graduate of Syracuse University with a major in public relations and a minor in African American studies.  She also studied the influence of Blacks on literature, culture and art in Paris.  Her interest in social policy and love for children … Read more

Alexis Bylander

Alexis earned a degree in political science from Concordia College in 2004.  She also studied public policy in seven European countries and spent a semester abroad study ing in Malta.  She participated in Concordia’s mock trial team, the TOCAR anti-racism taskforce, and was co-leader for a Habitat for Humanity trip … Read more

P.J. Andrews

P.J. is a 2004 graduate of Tufts University where he majored in American Studies, minored in Africa in the New World Studies, and completed an honors thesis examining Cape Verdean American identity.  He also completed the Public Policy and International Affairs fellowship at the University of Michigan.  P.J. co-founded and … Read more

Indivar Dutta-Gupta

Indi was involved with Amnesty International USA, as a member of its Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Advisory Group and in other volunteer positions.  After graduating from the University of Chicago in June 2005, Indi came to D.C. to work with a non-profit Democratic consulting firm on political campaigns, food … Read more

A Community Food Assessment of Washington, D.C.

A Community Food Assessment of Washington, D.C. details research findings and provides action-oriented recommendations for program enhancements, community organizing, and policy advocacy.  Noteworthy within the assessment are up-to-date maps of grocery stores and farmers’ markets in the District and information … Read more

Identifying Best Practices in Diabetes Prevention

Identifying Best Practices in Diabetes Prevention is a comprehensive toolkit that forms the foundation for Food & Friends’ potential involvement in primary diabetes prevention.  The toolkit’s five modules draw upon health sciences literature and two original studies to offer specific … Read more

Shanique Streete

Shanique is a 2006 graduate of Tufts University where she majored in English and Women’s Studies. At Tufts, Shanique became certified as a Massachusetts rape crisis counselor, volunteered with the Student Sexual Assault Response Assistance, and served as a tutor. She also studied in Ghana for a semester and then returned there … Read more