Challenges of M&E for Capacity Building Projects

8th class Leland Fellow, Michelle DeFreese wrote this blog post profile of Dr. Flavianus Magayane’s role in evaluating iAGRI’s impact on its student participants and his thoughts on the challenges of capturing the impact of investments in human capacity. iAGRI … Read more

Blog: Linking food security research to policymaking

Research is leading the effort toward more successful agriculture development through project evaluation and cross-country comparisons aimed at showing policymakers the effectiveness of certain interventions… However, research can only do so much, and political will is “an essential ingredient for elevating food and nutrition security into policy agendas.”…Moving forward, we hope researchers will continue to engage and communicate with policymakers during the design and implementation of policies and programs, focusing on those interventions that offer the greatest potential for improving food security for the world’s poor.

Landscape analysis: Cap and Trade Carbon Markets

This paper provides a succinct review of the cap and trade carbon markets in the U.S and Europe. It’s an attempt to identify cap and trade initiatives in the U.S and around the world as well as their successes, benefits, … Read more

Megann helped to design and build, a website produced by Winrock International with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. It is a resource on Multiple-Use Water Systems (MUS) and the SolutionMUS approach, containing information on what it is and how it … Read more

The Case for Strengthening Developing Nation Universities

Samantha Alvis developed The Case for Strengthening Developing Nation Universities. This piece was designed to support advocacy efforts on the Hill for increasing investments in higher education development, in particular those that involve partnerships between US universities and those in … Read more

Harley Stokes

8th Class, 2015-2017 Policy Placement: Catholic Relief Services; Baltimore, MD As Food Security Policy Analyst at CRS headquarters, Harley worked with the Agriculture and Livelihoods team on policy issues related to nutrition, agriculture and climate change. This has taken her … Read more

Miti Patel

8th Class, 2015-2017 Policy Placement: Helen Keller International (HKI); Phnom Penh, Cambodia Miti was an Enhanced Homestead Food Production (EHFP) Policy Analyst with Helen Keller International’s Asia-Pacific Regional Office (APRO), based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She worked on several projects … Read more

Michael Wilcox

8th Class, 2015-2017 Policy Placement: ACDI/VOCA; Washington, DC Based in the DC headquarters office, Michael was a full time member of the Technical Learning and Application division at ACDI/VOCA. After implementing a pilot of new tools in his field year … Read more