FOOD for Lane County

FOOD for Lane County is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit food bank founded in 1984 and dedicated to reducing hunger by … Read more

The Status of Low-Income Seniors in Eugene, Oregon

The Status of Low-Income Seniors in Eugene, Oregon shares results and analysis of a survey designed to better understand the state of hunger and poverty among low-income seniors in Eugene so that service providers can address the problems, and craft … Read more

Food Policy Councils: Practice and Possibility

Food Policy Councils: Practice and Possibility reports on the role of Food Policy Councils in the Community Food Security movement, which build and support partnerships among anti-hunger, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and private sector stakeholders to create hunger-free communities.

Jennifer Woodworth

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College in Massachusetts where she studied Cultural Anthropology with a concentrated interest in societal meanings in food customs.

Justin Weinstein-Tull

Justin earned a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems (an interdisciplinary program combining Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics), and a Master of Arts in Modern Thought and Literature (another interdisciplinary major combining Literature, Philosophy, and Literary Theory).  He has worked with various community kitchens in the … Read more

Sarah Borron

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Arts from Denison University in Ohio where she was an Environmental Studies major with a Religion Concentration.  At Denison, she led Alternative Break trips to address hunger in Washington, D.C. and co-founded the Denison International Relief Effort.