The Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA) was incorporated in 1967 in response to a need for a statewide forum to … Read more

Resources & Reality: Food Security in Pima County

Resources & Reality: Food Security in Pima County is a complete website exploring the diverse and unique array of food security resources in the Tucson area, including local agriculture,  gardening, community resources, faith-based communities, federal and local food programs, food … Read more

Children and Their Food Practices

Children and Their Food Practices illustrates the influence that school meals and family eating practices have on Tucson children’s food security, overall health and well being.

Shephali Patel

Shephali has experience working with hunger and poverty issues in the U.S. and with community health outreach in Gujarat, India.  Shephali holds a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College.

Bridget Murphy

Bridget graduated from Duke University in May 2002 with a self-designed curriculum in Race and Ethnic Relations and Social Policy.  She spearheaded several campus projects to promote socially conscious career choices and cultivated an interest in immigration issues, especially those pertaining to farm workers.  She also studied race relations at … Read more