Urban Agriculture in Hartford

Urban Agriculture in Hartford is a multi-component presentation on the benefits, challenges, and potential of urban agriculture, including specific recommendations for the city of Hartford, that is adaptable to a variety of audiences including policymakers, community members, and organizations.

Benefits Outreach Resources

Benefits Outreach Resources, an online resource library, assists organizations in designing outreach initiatives that link work support programs (such as Food Stamps and energy assistance) with the Earned Income Tax Credit and free tax preparation services.  The library highlights important … Read more

Five Year Strategic Plan to Stamp out Hunger

Five Year Strategic Plan to Stamp out Hunger is a report for Florida’s Food Security Team, a coalition of state agencies that administer USDA nutrition programs and their community based partners, outlining the coalition’s progress in 2003 and providing recommendations … Read more

Advocating for Change

Advocating for Change is a step by step guide for food banks on how to form anti-hunger advocacy committees in their communities.  It contains detailed information about what is needed to successfully form an advocacy committee, useful tools to facilitate … Read more