Blog: Compact 2025, Relief to Resilience in Malawi

9th class Leland Fellow, Rachel Gilbert, briefly addresses how the 2025 Forum on “Moving from Relief to Resilience” will address the issues and challenges that Malawi will face while striving towards resilience in all spheres of development in this blog post.

Policy Brief: Managing Salt Affected Soils in Tanzania

This Policy Brief outlines the lessons learned from research on ways to manage salt-affected soils to restore their productivity. “Studies done with funding from the Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI)—a USAID Feed the Future Project— from 2013-2016 have shown that integrated salt-affected … Read more

Towards a More Accessible and Economically Just Chicago

Towards a More Accessible and Economically Just Chicago is a report that exploring barriers to employment for women with disabilities in the realms of economic development, education, government, housing, and transportation.

Research Summary: Infant and young child feeding practices

In collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Malawi and Emory University, Concern Worldwide evaluated infant and young child feeding practices and the feasibility, acceptability and cultural appropriateness of a practical feeding toolkit to improve complementary feeding practices in the Mchinji District. … Read more

Food Policy Councils: Practice and Possibility

Food Policy Councils: Practice and Possibility reports on the role of Food Policy Councils in the Community Food Security movement, which build and support partnerships among anti-hunger, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and private sector stakeholders to create hunger-free communities.