Melody Mc Neil

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, Nairobi, Kenya Melody Mc Neil promoted sustainable agriculture programs in Kenya and Uganda by researching the benefits and barriers to biotechnology for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Policy … Read more

Patrick McGrann

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: Peruvian Center for Social Study (CEPES), Lima, Peru Patrick McGrann worked with the local partners of CEPES to improve access to productive assets for rural development. Specifically, he examined the negative impacts the extractive industry … Read more

Hakeem Johnson

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome, Italy Hakeem examined the linkage between food security and desertification as an assistant at the Global Mechanism of the Convention to Combat Desertification (GMCCD), where he learn about … Read more

Elizabeth Fox

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: The News, Mexico City, Mexico Elizabeth researched the work of Mexican non-government development organizations and reported on their work in the Mexico City English-language newspaper The News. Policy Placement: Scripps-Howard News Service, Washington, DC Elizabeth … Read more

Stephanie Donley Jackson

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: World Food Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh Stephanie Donley Jackson collaborated with NGO and UN partners to design advocacy workshops, and she coordinated with UN logistics officers on the transportation, storing, and delivery of food to post-disaster … Read more

Robert Oliver

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: World Food Program, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Robert visited schools all over Ethiopia helping to implement the WFP Global School Feeding Program and monitoring and evaluating the impact of the program on the lives of children, … Read more

Amy Damon

1st Class, 2001-2003 Field Placement: Fundaciòn Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), El Salvador At FUNDE, Amy Damon studied the economic, political, social and institutional structures of El Salvador’s El Oriente region. She then used her research to make recommendations for … Read more

Ashley Aakesson

Ashley earned a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland, where she specialized in community health, agricultural development, and participatory, rapid rural appraisal. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.