Root Causes of Hunger — June 21, 2023

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There are 828 million people worldwide facing hunger and poverty every day, including 34 million Americans. Why does this situation exist? What are the root causes of hunger and poverty? There are a wide range of causes in the U.S. and around the globe, but some of the main drivers of hunger include low wages, the rising cost of housing, gender inequality, climate change, and armed conflict.

Join us June 21, 2023 at 11 a.m. as participants examine root causes of hunger and poverty and what is being done to address these challenges. Two of the causes we will explore include:

  • Low Wages – Insecure jobs and administrative barriers in economic supports are a root cause of poverty and food insecurity and drive racial and economic inequality. Supports that are not tied to work and are easy to access can promote economic well-being and racial justice.
  • Conflict as a Driver of Food Insecurity – Armed conflict can disrupt food systems, directly causing food insecurity by making it unsafe or impossible to produce and deliver the food that children and their families need. Armed conflict can also indirectly trigger food insecurity by impacting livelihoods and creating conditions under which families cannot afford or access enough food to feed everyone in their household. This instability can, in turn, contribute to more conflict, creating a vicious cycle of violence and hunger. This presentation will examine direct and indirect ways that conflict can trigger food insecurity, who is most impacted when it does; and what that can mean for the community and perpetuating cycles of violence.
  • Housing – Explore the intersectionality of the rising cost of housing and homelessness. The lack of affordable housing stock contributes to housing instability and homelessness including front-line workers in the homeless response field. Local and statewide policies of criminalizing persons experiencing homelessness feeds into our country’s affordable housing crisis. Housing can be more accessible through certain policy asks.

Our speakers will also cover additional root causes as listed above. College students and summer interns are especially encouraged to tune in. The session includes several short articles for pre-reading, which can be accessed when you enroll in the course via our Zero Hunger Academy platform.

Speakers include:

  • Elisa Minoff, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Emily Samson, Senior Advocate for Global Development, Save the Children
  • Samantha Wood , National Field Officer, National Alliance to End Homelessness

The Seminars are part of Zero Hunger Academy, the Hunger Center’s online learning hub.

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