Examining Power and Privilege in International Development – June 28, 2023

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To its supporters, international development as an institution keeps millions of people fed, mitigates climate change, and saves lives. To its critics, international development reinforces a powerfully harmful status quo that supports the agendas of wealthy countries at the expense of the world’s disenfranchised. Puzzling out where the truth lies involves grappling with issues of privilege, white supremacy, racism, neo-colonialism, and decolonization. How can we support and participate in international efforts to foster social and environmental justice and progress? While answers will vary based on your origin story and lived experience, everyone has the potential to be a positive actor on the global stage.

 Join us June 28 at 11 a.m. EDT as the 2023 Zero Hunger Summer Seminars continue with an examination of power and privilege in international development. In this interactive session participants will examine their knowledge of international development and how power and privilege is part of the history of development and has influenced how many Americans view development.

Speakers include:

  • Anne Hendrix-Jenkins, Senior Advisory, National Chapters, Movement for Community Led Development
  • Alexandra Bastien, Senior Advisor, Racial & Ethnic Equity at USAID ID Hub

The Seminars are part of Zero Hunger Academy, the Hunger Center’s online learning hub. College students, summer interns, and volunteers are especially encouraged to tune in.

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation for their generous support of the Zero Hunger Summer Seminars.
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