Coordinating SNAP & Nutrition Supports

View Coordinating SNAP & Nutrition Supports About Coordinating SNAP & Nutrition Supports Coordinating SNAP and Nutrition Supports (CSNS) is a cohort program funded by Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry and administered by the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) … Read more

Landscape analysis: Cap and Trade Carbon Markets

This paper provides a succinct review of the cap and trade carbon markets in the U.S and Europe. It’s an attempt to identify cap and trade initiatives in the U.S and around the world as well as their successes, benefits, … Read more

Roadmap to End Hunger Policy Brief

The Roadmap to End Global Hunger’s
four pillars capture the whole of what it
takes for households and communities to
achieve sustainable food security.
devastating hurricane,
drought, health epidemic
or political crisis can throw
thousands of previously
food secure families into chaos and hunger.
Emergency programs get food assistance
where it’s needed quickly to prevent
widespread hunger and malnutrition.
household faces the risk
of an interruption in its
ability to afford sufficient,
nutritious food caused by
a sudden shock—for example, a lost job,
poor harvest, or illness. Safety nets help
families protect productive assets in the
face of temporary hardship.
NUTRITION: To grow and
remain healthy, people need
not just enough calories, but
the right nutrients. This is
especially true in the 1,000
Days between a woman’s pregnancy and
the child’s second birthday.
hungry people rely on
small-scale agriculture
to make a living and feed
their families. Research
has consistently shown that investing in
agriculture is more effective in reducing
poverty among the poorest people than
investments in other sectors

Zero Hunger? Evaluating Brazilian Food Security Policy

Brazil’s Fome Zero (Zero Hunger) policy framework was launched in 2003 with the advent of President Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva’s administration. It was created with the purpose of improving food security by integrating programs that promote agriculture, nutrition, health … Read more

The Looming Threat of Overgrazing: Effects and Recommendations

Livestock in Ethiopia has an important economic, functional, and cultural significance. However, overgrazing is a major contributor to soil degradation in Africa, with serious negative consequences for the long-term food security of the continent. This paper identifies the broad-reaching policy … Read more