Hui Ling Chen

Northwestern University | Economics & Psychology

Internship Placement: Congressional Hunger Center Hui Ling worked with the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship Program Team by supporting the daily function of the program, building out an online learning platform, and researching new partners.

Kristina Benjamin

University of Dayton | Human Rights Studies

Internship Placement: Food Research & Action Center Kristina supported the legislative team’s work on Child Nutrition Reauthorization and created a plan for how national anti-hunger advocates can meaningfully incorporate advocates with lived experience into their work.  

Child Nutrition: Programs, Problems, and Possibilities

Child Nutrition: Programs, Problems, and Possibilities provides a thorough overview of America’s child nutrition programs. This report highlights both the need for, and the evidence in support of, our child nutrition programs. It also provides crucial information on the history, … Read more

Exploring Social Justice-Oriented Evaluations

An exploration into the potential of evaluations to support social change efforts and enact social justice, this paper critically examines evaluations and demonstrates how 3 types of social justice-oriented evaluation approaches have repurposed the role, influence and power embedded in … Read more