The Grocery Gap Project: Race, Hunger and Food Access

The Grocery Gap Project: Race, Hunger and Food Access reports examines the relationship between race, poverty, and food access in Seattle.  Using the USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan, the study identifies the availability and cost of healthy foods in Seattle’s Rainier … Read more is a comprehensive website designed to increase participation in the summer lunch program in California.  It provides outreach materials, resources, community profiles of model programs, and audio visual clips featuring programs and kids across the state. A United Outreach Effort in California A United Outreach Effort in California is a web-based resource for outreach workers, food assistance advocates, and potential food stamp clients in California, including a comprehensive guide to the food stamp program created in conjunction with Legal Services of … Read more

Food Security within Immigrant Communities in Georgia

Food Security within Immigrant Communties in Georgia illustrates the challenges immigrants face in accessing emergency food and provides recommendations for Food Bank outreach to the growing immigrant population in Georgia

Closing New Mexico’s Food Gap

Closing New Mexico’s Food Gap describes options for increasing access to affordable and nutritious foods in rural and underserved areas of New Mexico and promotes grocery stores as a means of economic development.

Jimmy Purvis

Jimmy graduated from Wesleyan University in 2004 with a degree in Religious Studies.  He worked as a crew leader at the Marin Conservation Corps, facilitating a crew of eight environmental educators, developing training opportunities, and coordinating AmeriCorps national service days.  Jimmy has a sustained interest in agriculture and nutrition; he … Read more