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Field Reports

Visualizing the Good Food Purchasing Initiative of Metro Chicago

Aliyah Fard, Emerson Fellow

Chicago Food Policy Action Council,
Published 2022-2023

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Food Policy Action Council recognizes the inequalities embedded in our current food system and the upholding of structural racism in Chicago. CFPAC works to address these inequities and is radically transforming Chicago’s food system by building local political power, various programming efforts, creating networks and relationship building with an emphasis on Black and Brown partnerships. The following hunger free report will include the work of the organization and their efforts into reducing hunger in the United States through the Good Food Purchasing Policy. After giving background and context about the policy, I will discuss the Good Food Purchasing Connections Map, a visual resource that exposes GFPP in Chicago.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Community Food Security, Food Systems, Food Systems and Agriculture

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Aliyah Fard

Emerson Fellow