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Field Reports

Vegetable and Groundnut Market and Value Chain Analysis in Mumbwa Zambia

Hunter Michelsen, Leland Fellow
Published 2015

Hunter conducted these value chain analyses to gather market information for the development of the marketing component of the Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition (RAIN) project, implemented by Concern Worldwide in Mumbwa, Zambia. The project works with about 4,500 smallholder women farmers and the primary objective of the project is to reduce child stunting in Mumbwa through a combination of nutrition/breastfeeding sensitization and increased consumption of diverse, nutritious foods. A secondary objective of the project is helping the women find markets to sell surplus produce and gain supplementary income to afford them additional purchasing power for things like school fees, household goods and additional nutritious foods. These market analyses helped the RAIN project determine what inputs and services were available in the area, what markets existed and how goods flowed to the market, and where/how farmers could participate in the various levels of the value chain.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Health, Nutrition and Hunger, International Agricultural Development, Value-Chain Analysis - Smallholder Farmers

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