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Field Reports

Trust Black Women: Intersection of Food & Housing in Pittsburgh

Janiah Miller, Emerson Fellow
Published 2020-2021

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Women who face intersecting challenges around discrimination are more likely to face housing instability and hunger. Previous research has found many negative consequences of food insecurity for families and households, but this has not been examined in connection to housing instability. This report examines the intersection of housing and food insecurity as having the most direct impact on Black women with the intention of providing more collaboration across sectors with context from the perspective that this demographic has relating to their role in movement building to address these challenges. While examining this intersection Black women from Pittsburgh in decision-making positions are asked a series of questions to further understand how collaboration across organizations is critical while centering those with lived and disproportionate experience through mobilizing their own communities to fight for change.

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Janiah Miller

Emerson Fellow