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Field Reports

Strengthening SNAP Outreach: Increasing Funding and Eliminating Barriers to Access

Tenzin Dhakong, Emerson Fellow

Hunger Free Colorado,
Published 2021-2022

Denver, Colorado

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the largest nutrition assistance program in the country, plays a vital role in addressing and alleviating food insecurity in the United States. To ensure that it continues to uplift communities experiencing poverty, we must sure that the SNAP application process is accessible to all who may be eligible. Many states across the country, including Colorado, have a “SNAP Gap”, which refers to the gap between eligible participants and enrolled participants. In order to address this gap and eliminate barriers to access, states have relied on SNAP outreach services. These services include application assistance, hosting community engagement events, debunking misconceptions about the program, and more. This report highlights SNAP outreach in the state of Colorado and showcases Colorado’s commitment to creating equitable access to SNAP. This report concludes that due to the impact of SNAP outreach there must be higher levels of federal investment in program.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Domestic Federal Nutrition Programs, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/Food Stamps


Hunger Free Colorado

Denver, Colorado