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Policy Brief

Policy Brief: Managing Salt Affected Soils in Tanzania

Michelle DeFreese, Leland Fellow

This Policy Brief outlines the lessons learned from research on ways to manage salt-affected soils to restore their productivity.

“Studies done with funding from the Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI)—a USAID Feed the Future Project— from 2013-2016 have shown that integrated salt-affected soil management and mitigation approaches have the potential to address the complex problems of salt-induced land degradation. Results from these studies indicate that five different management options can effectively improve production on salt affected soils. These management options include application of gypsum, farmyard manure, sawdust, and rice hulls, as well as the use of salt-tolerant rice varieties.”

Publication tags: Policy Brief - Soil health - Policymakers, Project implementers, Researchers

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Michelle DeFreese

Leland Fellow