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Field Reports

Pandemic-EBT in California: Lessons and Opportunities to End Childhood Hunger

Rocio Perez, Emerson Fellow

California Association of Food Banks,
Published 2020-2021

Oakland, California

An essential question that leaders have been forced to ask since the pandemic’s onset is: How do we feed children and assist their learning when states are forced to close schools, in order to keep children safe?

This project adds a critical dimension to the growing body of P-EBT research by evaluating P-EBT 1.0 through P-EBT recipient’s perspectives. We aim to understand what challenges they may have had, how they used P-EBT, the role of public charge among immigrant and mixed-status households, perceptions of other food programs such as CalFresh, and how P-EBT impacted their families.

Special thanks to The Kroger Co. Foundation for their sponsorship of this placement of Emerson National Hunger Fellows in California.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - COVID-19 Pandemic, Emergency Food Network

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Rocio Perez

Emerson Fellow