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Independent Dialogue Recommendations to U.N. Food Systems Pre-Summit

Compiled by the 10th Class Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows

The focus of the fellows’ dialogue was to elevate the voices of those who are most directly impacted by development and humanitarian initiatives. It was open to development and humanitarian implementers, local leaders, and community members, as well as field and extension officers, national and local governments, and companies interested in providing contextual perspectives for how humanitarian and development strategies impact communities. The purpose of the Dialogue was to encourage a diverse and expansive pool of voices to help improve the representation and empowerment of local leadership in influencing SDG action. Therefore, the Dialogue was an exploration of food systems in the development and humanitarian context and was intentionally open to discussions about all five Action Tracks and the levers of change to allow people to bring their own interests and individual roles within the food system to the table.

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