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Field Reports

Fact Sheet on Haiti’s Securite Energetique Securite Alimentaire

Maryse Holly, Leland Fellow
Published 2013

Haiti, Latin America

CHIBAS Bioenergy, my policy year host organization, is a non-profit institution dedicated to research, breeding and dissemination of locally adapted triple function crops for use as food, feed and fuel for Haiti. CHIBAS has been incubating the social business Sécurité Energétique Sécurité Alimentaire (SESA) for two years. SESA, an edible jatropha processing facility, has recently launched in St. Marc, Haiti. I developed this one pager in order to give an overview of SESA’s offerings and growth plan.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Enterprise Development - Smallholder Farmers

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Maryse Holly

Leland Fellow