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Field Reports

Build With, Not For: Strategies For Including Lived Experience in Anti-Hunger Work

Molly Pifko, Emerson Fellow

Hunger Free Oklahoma,
Published 2022-2023

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hunger Free Oklahoma (HFO) works to bring a unified, statewide voice to the issue and solutions surrounding hunger, with a goal to ensure all Oklahomans have access to affordable, nutritious food. Over the past several months, HFO has been in the process of building out a new lived experience cohort: a Tulsa-based group that will engage individuals with lived experience of hunger and poverty in order to better understand how individuals and families interact (or don’t interact) with nutrition programs. This cohort will compensate cohort members for their time and work alongside them to develop leadership and advocacy opportunities. This report synthesizes HFO’s research into a.) relevant case studies of other successful lived experience projects, b.) best practices for compensation, support, and training, and c.) guiding values and principles for successfully supporting and including people with lived experience in programs and advocacy. It highlights key takeaways and considerations from HFO’s process that can be applied by other organizations hoping to create similar programs.

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Publication tags: Field Reports - Advocacy and Education

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Molly Pifko

Emerson Fellow


Hunger Free Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma