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Field Reports

Applying A Racial Equity Lens To Volunteer Programs Across Non Profits

Akeisha Latch, Emerson Fellow

About Fresh,
Published 2022-2023

Boston, Massachusetts

My Hunger Free Community Report will inform and serve as a global toolkit for nonprofits to assess whether a Racial Equity Lens is being applied to their current volunteer programs and if not, how to begin with some fundamental steps to integrate racial equity as a genuine principle. By using this toolkit, nonprofits can cultivate a space that fosters inclusion, security, and transparency between their organization and volunteers and more so, adopt principles that will ground staff in principles of recognizing their biases and inequity that has long been a part of the nonprofit structure and moving towards working in fellowship (co-creation) with their community.

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Akeisha Latch

Emerson Fellow


About Fresh

Boston, Massachusetts